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Wanted: Weak Foot Freak to Be Selena’s Pathetic Pedicure Slave

“Are you weak enough to be my pedicure slave? Let’s find out. Does your little cock snap to attention when I slip off my heels and flash you my toes? Do you long to live on your hands and knees for me? Is it your dream to sleep in my shoe closet? Would you break up with your girlfriend to be with my feet?…”

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Humiliation Games: You Are Princess Tessa’s Pathetic Little Puppy

“I put on this tiny bikini to tease you back into total submission to me. I want you to crawl on all fours, like my little puppy. Make me laugh as I leash-walk you around the room. Just remember, Puppy Pants, if you ‘drool’ you’re gonna have to lick it up. Does Princess Tessa need to punish her naughty puppy?…”


Cock Cage? Tierra Puts You Through an Emasculating Body Worship Session


Bikini Bitch Noely Humiliates You for Jerking Off to Her

“I thought I saw you peeking through the blinds at me while I was smoking a cigarette by the pool. You sad little dweeb. Why don’t you show me what you were about to do into my dirty panties when I caught you? Here, squirt my lotion all over your little pecker and humiliate yourself for Princess Noely, loser…” 5 minutes
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Cold-Hearted Cuck Teaser Tessa Catches You Gloobing off to Her

“How hilarious. Even tho I’ve banished you from our bedroom, even tho the only sex you get from me is sexual humiliation, you’re more puppydog for princess than ever. Aren’t you? Well, cuckie, here I am in my bikini. Why don’t you pull that pair of my stolen hamper panties over your face and show me who still owns you.”

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