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Remi Reduces You from Panty Sissy to Dick-Sucking Submissive

“Once I put you into my panty trance, it’s over for you. You will wear panties for me. You will force that pink butt plug between your cheeks. You will drop to your knees. You will suck the heels of my shoes. You will admit you want to suck cock for me. And then you will prove it for Princess Remi. Isn’t that right….?”

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Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She’ll Wear to Peg You

“I’m taking you into the bedroom tonite. You’re going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I’m throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you’ve been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I’m going to wear to dominate you…”

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Your Sadistic Wife Stephanie Trains You to Be Her ‘Cucky Puppy’

“Because I have to fuck other men to be sexually satisfied, you need to be punished and humiliated. I’ve decided to ban you from the bedroom and discipline you like a naughty puppy. I’m going to command you to HEEL (worship and suck them), BEG (for your sloppy seconds) and CUM (lick up your rival’s jizz)… “


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