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Cuckysitter Aly Spanks You and Makes You Squirt Your Sissy Panties

Your cruel cheating wife hired college student Aly to ‘cuckysit’ you while she’s getting satisfied by a real man! Aly loves teasing you and making you suck. When Aly sees a stiffy in your sissy panties, she decides to spank you! But before you crawl across Aly’s lap to have your bare bumbum spanked, you have to squirt all the naughty sissy goo into your panties!

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Fuckface for Princess: Cash Princess Aly Pimps You Out

Princess Aly has big plans for you – starting with the dildo strapped around her waist and ending with a gangsta-size cumload pumped down your throat. After she fucks your face, Aly is pimping you out to earn cash for princess. But first you have to prove your prowess by giving the most humiliating beejay you can imagine – while Aly holds your mouth open.

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Princess Aly Makes You Play The Cuckold Guessing Game

Princess Aly blackmails her way into your bedroom to tease and deny you – then fuck one of your rivals in your own bed while you listen to her muffled moans, locked in a dog crate. Aly unlocks you to put you through a humiliating body worship session. If you can taste who Aly fucked, she’ll allow you to cuckyfuck your fist while you french kiss her ass.

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Cumload Extortion: Spit It Into Your Sissy Saucer for Intern Aly

When your sadistic college intern discovers you’re going out on a date, she decides to put you through an afternoon of toe-kissing, heel-sucking, thong-sniffing and butt worship. When it’s time for your date, Aly kicks a saucer beneath your sputtering cock and asks if you intend on saving it for ‘her’ or pumping it all out for the dominant devil-girl of the office.

000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000601_50alyintern_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

Office Intern Aly Blackmails You Into Panty Slavery

When does your 19-year-old intern become your boss? When she finds the career-threatening stash of submissive sissy porn you keep hidden on your work computer. OMG! Now snarky Aly knows all your embarrassing secrets. Will she use them to enslave you – or destroy you? All you can do is whimper for mercy as you obey every one of Aly’s humiliating commands.

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Princess Aly Forces You To Do It in a Doggie Dish

After she catches you staring at her, as she sunbathes in her sexy swimsuit, Princess Aly teases the little pecker poking up in your pants. She tells you that she’ll let you make a worship puddle at her feet – as long as you do it in a doggie dish… while she laughs at you, taunts you, and describes what you’re doing to her girlfriends. Will she allow you to spit it all out and then force you to lick the bowl? Will you degrade yourself and do it? Huh, loser?

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How Pathetic Can You Get: Princess Aly Cuckysits You

How pathetic are you? When your woman started cheating on you, all you did in response was sneak into her closet, steal her dirty panties and fill them with your futility squirts. So now she’s hired Princess Aly to cuckysit you while she’s out on her dates. You will be dressed in sissy clothes and treated like the pathetic, inadequate little wussy you are. If you pout about it? Princess Aly is going to pull down your panties and punish you.

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Doggie-Style Humiliation: Forced Facetime with Princess Aly’s Perfect Butt

Princess Aly seduces you into her bedroom so you can give it to her rough and hard. But when you unzip – and Aly sees how useless you are – the only thing she’s gonna let you do “doggie-style” is sniff, kiss and worship her butt… as she trashtalks you to her girlfriends, grinds her cheeks in your face, taunts you, and commands you to play with yourself as she humiliates you. Aly cruelly reduces you from her potential fuckbuddy to her fuckface buttslave.

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